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What types of interpretation do you need?

Remote Interpreting (RSI interpreting)

It is a form of simultaneous interpreting that is provided by using advanced technologies and remote simultaneous interpretation platforms. The interpreter is not asked to go on site, but will work via live video conferencing.

Simultaneous interpreting

The interpreter works inside a booth and listens to the speaker through headphones. A few seconds after the beginning of each utterance, the interpreter starts interpreting by rendering the message from the source language into the target language by speaking at a microphone. This interpreting service is used at conferences and international meetings.

Consecutive interpreting

The speaker delivers a speech in segments of up to five minutes each while the interpreter takes notes. The interpreter then renders each segment in turn in the target language. It’s important to book extra time for the interpreting service since it requires more time than the simultaneous interpreting (the interpreted speech is delivered after the original speech). This interpreting service is used at small conferences, interviews and informal meetings.

Whispered interpreting

The interpreter sits or stands next to the client and interprets what is being said in a low voice. It is a form of simultaneous interpreting without the booth equipment. Ideal for meetings or events involving a small number of participants (one or two people) needing the interpreting service. It allows flexibility and no equipment is required.

Community & Business interpreting

The interpreter interprets a dialogue between two people who speak different languages. Each turn is relatively short. This interpreting service is very often used in the following settings: healthcare, education, migration and human rights, and business meetings.

Areas of expertise

Here are some examples of events I participated in as an interpreter.

It’s not an exhaustive list, but it should give you a good idea of how versatile the life of an interpreter can be! Don’t see your type of event on the list? Get in touch to receive my full CV and portfolio and discuss your event.
Agriculture, fruit & vegetables sector

Kiwi Jingold producers Conference: the challenge of quality, simultaneous EN-IT.

Architecture & design

Design & Digital Manufacturing, simultaneous EN-IT.


GLBQ film festival, consecutive FR-IT.

Ecomuseums and landscape

Ecomuseums: local tangible and intangible history, consecutive IT-FR.


FLIP –Flipped learning in Praxis – EU Project Conference, simultaneous EN-IT.

Environment and Urban Planning

URBACT - Driving change for better cities - Creative Spirits Project, consecutive EN-IT.

Court interpreting

Court and judicial proceedings, consecutive IT-FR/EN.

Trade negotiations

B2B and B2C meetings.


Guided vineyard tours at Tenuta Pandolfa, consecutive FR-IT.


Medical record update. Different medical records for different aims: the role of doctors, patients and institutions, simultaneous EN-IT.

International Cooperation

AVSI, simultaneous IT-FR.

Human Rights

International Festival on Popular Tradition, simultaneous IT-FR.

Lifelong learning on interpreting

The high-quality services I provide are the result of a lifelong learning approach that keeps my skills updated.

Some recent continuous professional development courses include:

“Interpreting for Refugees: Contexts, Practices and Ethics”

University of Glasgow, 6 June 2020.

“The interpreter’s toolkit: training on techniques, tools and technologies for conference and dialogue interpretation”

TradInfo, 8 February 2020.

“Remote Simultaneous Interpreting”

Department of Interpretation and Translation, Forlì, 21 September 2019.

KUDO certified interpreter
Member of Tradinfo, Association of Professional Interpreters and Translators
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